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((Oh yeah! And the Axl kissing Cinni pic...not just anyone can see that. He hid it from everyone.))


((Notice!  I will try to keep this list updated along side the RP.  If you wish to know where you stand, look here.  Keep in mind your actions can move you up or down this list.  Subbed characters are people Axl knows, but had not yet met here and will be unsubbed and moved as they are encountered.))

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~Under Construction!~
United States
Gender: Male
BirthDay: June 20, 21XX
Age 12
Pysical Appearance: 15
Mental Age: 15
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Blue/Green (Changes based on moods)
Height: 5'1

Race: Reploid
Fraction/Alliance: Maverick Hunters
Rank: SA, Member of the Special Ops. Unit (The special classed mission team consisting of X, Zero, and Axl)
Creator: ??

Appearance: Axl is armored in dark blue with red and gold trim, and a grey bodysuit. His helmet bears a rather unique shape, sometimes referred to as 'kitten ears' by adoring fans, and is decorated with a large jewel, similar to the one on his chest. Folding "wings" protrude from his back. His vibrant, spikey orange-red hair is a definite way to pick Axl out of a crowd, but his most distinctive physical attribute is the "X"-shaped scar across his nose.

Background: Ask Axl about his recruitment into the Maverick Hunters, and he will tell you that he was "hand-selected" by Zero. What he won't tell you about is his arrest record, his natural talent for trouble-making, or his past failures and mishaps.

Axl teamed up with Zero to investigate the group of his former affiliation -- the Red Alert syndicate, an unofficial band of Maverick Hunters which had begun using 'aggressive' means to carry out their business. With X's eventual help, Sigma was discovered to be responsible for Red Alert's sudden behavioral changes, leaving the Hunters forced to retire the group. It was also learned that Axl himself had been a target of Sigma, due to his unique 'copy ability'. Unfortunately, both the origin of this ability and the nature of his own creation still remain unknown to Axl.

By all means, Axl resembles a human teenager of 14-15 years old. He is energetic, rarely shy, and has a tendency to shoot his mouth off, which sometimes gets him into hot water. Likewise, Axl knows when to buckle down and take the job seriously, and possesses a true heart for justice. Many aspects of Axl remain a mystery to those around him (including Axl himself), but he has proven himself worthy of Maverick Hunter SA-Rank status. He has also developed a strong, personal bond with both X and Zero (both whom he strongly idolizes), turning the former duo into a trio.


Pistols - Axl wields dual pistols, his most common method for fighting.

Dash - Foot-embedded thrusters allow for a heightened burst of speed.

Copy Ability - Axl's unique capability which sets him apart from other Reploids; he can imitate the physical form and ability of another Reploid or organic being by copying their DNA.
At present, through training, Axl can remain in a Copy Form for roughly an hour, depending on the form's requirements, but only if he is not using any of the form's special capabilities.
Use of low level capabilities reduces his time to 15 minutes or less, depending on frequency of use.
Using high level abilities or Ultimate attacks cause him to change back after they are completed, or interrupted.

Hover - Although not able to fly, Axl can hover in the air for short periods of time.

Stealth Mode - Renders Axl invisible, in-audiable, and immune to detection by equipment and scent for 10 minutes. If he attacks or is hit by luck the ability comes undone.

Immunity: Axl possesses complete immunity to the Maverick Virus. Axl was created as the prototype for the Next Generation Reploids, a new type of Reploid that were constructed with a firewall that gave them complete protection against the Maverick Virus or its affects. All of the Next Gen. Reploids were discovered instead to have been constructed with the Maverick Virus already in their systems. Axl, as the prototype, was the only one who was not.

Master Thief: Thanks to his time with Red Alert, and further work after joining the Hunters, Axl excels in slight of hand acquisition of items, able to pick pocket just about anyone, and in the breaking of locks, from standard to electronic, simple to complex. If he can't break it, he'll learn how. As such, he is well suited to infiltration and the gathering of highly guarded items.

Weapons Copied:

DNA Copies:

This is my RP Account with :iconmegamanrp-da:

Main Account:

Also play as:

Current Residence:
Favourite genre of music: Trance and Techno!
Favourite style of art: Anything cool
Operating System: Not sure what I run on
MP3 player of choice: rPod
Shell of choice: My own!
Wallpaper of choice: Umm....
Skin of choice: Huh?

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